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WhatsApp is a good source to get information as long as it is not used to promote anything that involves black-hat work. You can create a broadcast list on WhatsApp to send a single message to multiple contacts at once. Another useful feature in WhatsApp is group creation where you can create a group of 256 people to exchange messages and media with each other.  

Utilizing the feature many companies and individuals has made news WhatsApp groups where you can get latest news and updates on various topics. On this page you can find some of the best news WhatsApp group link 2019 which you can join for free. You can also join Geo news WhatsApp group link if you want news updates from particular channel. This page also includes breaking news WhatsApp group invite link for instant news updates on WhatsApp.

Spreading fake/false news is strictly prohibited on Indian news WhatsApp group link list. To get the best out of them we have included news group of various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and Malayalam news WhatsApp group link.

Apart from regional news WhatsApp groups like Kashmir news WhatsApp group invite links we also have international news WhatsApp group links like Pakistan news WhatsApp group links and UK WhatsApp group links for news. More international news groups 2019 for WhatsApp to be added soon. If you want to join latest Hindi news WhatsApp group link then click on the group icon or name and then click on JOIN CHAT.

You can also add your own news WhatsApp group join link on this page by clicking on +ADD GROUP button above. To skip filling the details you can login with your Google Account and submit the news WhatsApp group links India directly. We constantly review and remove unauthorized and spam groups so if you join daily news WhatsApp group link and find anything suspicious in it, then report it to get it removed.